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40% American enterprises approve China's IPR protection

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Recently, the US-China Business Council released the 2007 annual report entitled "Prospects for American Enterprise in China". The report showed that nearly 40% of the respondent American businesses in China believe that China's IPR protection has made positive progress in the past year.

IPR has always been the key issue in Sino-US trade friction. The report lists the IPR issue as the third problem this year. Compared with the top priority in 2005 annual report, China has made notable progress in IPR protection in the recent two years.

Nearly 40% of the companies surveyed believe that the Chinese government's IPR protection have achieved success, while only 8% claim that the IPR protection in China have some new problems.

It is leant that the US-China Business Council was founded in 1973. With its headquartered in Washington, the Council has two offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Now the Council has more than 250 member companies and is one of the most important organizations for American enterprises in China. [Chinese version is available on SIPO.gov.cn]
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