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Copyright cooperation encourages creativity

Post Time:2016-12-14 Source:China Daily Author:Li Wenfang Views:
Stronger collaboration in IP industry between global organizations will provide greater opportunities for wider development, Li Wenfang reports in Guangzhou.

The Chinese government has placed greater emphasis on international cooperation in copyright and will create a more favorable environment for such exchanges, according to Yan Xiaohong, deputy head of the National Copyright Administration of China.

He made the remarks at the sixth China International Copyright Expo, which opened in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Monday.

For the first time, the agency and the World Intellectual Property Organization presented awards together to Chinese individuals and organizations for copyright administration and protection, as well as creativity at the expo.

"It attests once again to the long-standing and fruitful cooperation between WIPO and NCAC for the promotion and protection of creativity through copyright for cultural and economic development," said Sylvie Forbin, deputy director-general of WIPO.

Forbin noted that this year, for the first time, China joined the ranks of the world's 25 most innovative economies, as reported in the global innovation index co-published by organizations including Cornell University and WIPO.

"The Chinese copyright industries have certainly contributed to that achievement," she said.

China also saw the highest trademark filings by far, at 2.83 million last year, with voluntary copyright registration hitting 1.6 million. In 2014, the copyright industry contributed 7.28 percent of China's GDP.

"WIPO is committed to continuing in its close cooperation with China and with all participating countries in the area of copyright," Forbin said.

Working with the UK

The United Kingdom is the country of honor at this session of the expo.

"China and the UK both agree on the importance of innovation and creativity in driving growth and about the significance of having an effective copyright framework to underpin both of those endeavors," said Sean Dennehey, acting chief executive of the UK Intellectual Property Office.

"One of the very important things that the UK and China both agree on is that we should work together to develop thinking and policies in the field of copyright and, more widely, across intellectual property.

"The UK believes that in the modern digital world, it is only solutions that are shared across borders that will be effective in stemming the rise of infringements," said Dennehey.

The UK is a net exporter of creativity, Dennehey said, adding that "we are very keen to work with other countries, especially China, to develop a greater understanding of the copyright framework and to use it as an enabler for China to become a much greater exporter of its very fertile creative works."